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Lenovo T420 – How to Get the Best Deal

by Rich Valensia on March 14th, 2012

Lenovo T420

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Lenovo T420

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Lenovo has revealed a new dimension of technology through their latest Thinkpad T series notebooks. The T series has been the gold standard in notebooks for businesses because of the great performance, superior build quality, and best-in-style keyboards. With their newest 14-inch Thinkpad T420, Lenovo has evolved the features and design, the new screen having a 16:9 aspect ratio and giving it the latest Intel 2nd Generation Core series CPU. With a market price of $1,445 is the T420 the business notebook to beat?

About the Lenovo T420

The Lenovo T420 has a classic built and style which business users have come to realize and love over the years. It has a matte black color and has a rubberized lid which could support and give emphasis to the classic structure of the T420. Like the previous Lenovo series, the t420 is built and designed for longer durability and greater performance. Its rubberized lid, carbonized bottom and internal roll cage help protect the t420 from shocks and drops.

The Lenovo t420 has a matte texture which is scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint features. The plastic parts are of good quality and can’t be easily scratched when tapped by a fingernail. The unit’s built and design is consistent all over. There are no rough edges and bulky styles. Its anti-glare screen prevents reflections and with a 1600×900 resolution provides you a wider working space.

Overall, the quality and build is excellent. Lenovo T-series are popular for corporate use and most of the users have gained a lot of comfort by using the Lenovo T-series to support their daily tasks. They are built to last and it simply shows. Like other Thinkpad series, the t420 has both a trackpoint stick and a touchpad. The t420 also features the 3 x 1.75 inch textured touchpad which provides accurate and more comfortable navigation of the system.

With its longer battery life, awesome keyboard, clear sound, classic design and high resolution display, the Lenovo T420 offers nearly everything you would want in a 14-inch business system for a very reasonable price.

Bottom line is the Lenovo T420 isn’t just a good business laptop. The T420 is an excellent choice for business, home, and school. If you want ultimate thin and light plus speed and great video features, the Lenovo T420 should be your first choice.

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Lenovo T420

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